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Sync labels.

Managing Github labels across multiple repositories is hard.LabelSync makes it easy.

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Welcome to LabelSync!

β€œWhile working at Prisma, I discovered that many companies struggle with repository organisation. In particular, companies struggle with managing labels across multiple repositories in their GitHub accounts. That's why I created LabelSync - to help you get to the best parts of labels more quickly. ”

Matic Zavadlal
Matic Zavadlal
Creator of LabelSync

πŸš€It's game changing.

Centralised management

Sync all your repositories from a central management repository using one of the configuration languages.

Flexible configuration

Restrict unconfigured labels, or create a set of common ones to share between repositories.

Label Aliases

Align label configurations quickly byaliasinga group of old labels to a new, single label.

Automate your workflow

Create Label workflows using labelsiblings.


Automate in Github

🌈bring your
workflows to life

Keep your workflow in GitHub so everyone can see what the priorities are and how far down the chain bug has come.

Issues Overview
Immediate feedback

πŸ€–get feedback

LabelSync manager comments on your pull request so you can predict what changes are going to happen.

PullRequest message
Language of flexibility

use the power of
yaml for configuration.

LabelSync uses YAML as a default configuration language. This allows you to use features such as anchors to organise your configuration more efficiently.

YAML configuration
Prefer TypeScript?

Use TypeScript to
configure anything.

LabelSync ships with a TypeScript library that lets you use everything that TypeScript offers to automate you configuration.

Issues overview
Efficient workflow

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦connect labels with
LabelSync's siblings.

Each label in your configuration can referencemutliple siblings. Whenever you add a label to an issue or pull request, LabelSync will automatically add all the missing siblings as well.

Siblings example

and more...

What our users say about us?


β€œLabel-Sync enables us to have much a more efficient project management process where everything relies on a consistent set of labels. Triage, Prioritization, Estimation, everything can be done with labels now. ”

Jan Piotrowski
Jan Piotrowski
Engineering Manager, Prisma


Ready to get started?

We are also giving you an option for 14-day free trial to find out how the tool works and a free tier to see how great it is.

Pay monthlyPay annualy

Great for starting out with LabelSync.

  • LabelSync Manager

  • Configuration Libraries

  • Limited to 5 repositories

The Complete solution

Best for teams and users with rapid workflows.

  • LabelSync Manager

  • Configuration Libraries

  • Siblings and Aliasing

  • Unlimited repositories

  • Wildcard repository configuration

Frequently asked questions

I have a problem but don't know who to ask.

Please send us anemailto our support team. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

I have an idea/problem that LabelSync could solve.

Please reach out I'd be more than happy to chat about LabelSync with you!


Our vision is to develop the best in class software that would help companies triage issues and pull requests, and simplify the use of labels.

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